Must have apps for neet pg

I have recently given neet pg exam. The prestigious exam in India after completing your MBBS for further studies. There are many professional classes available for the same but I chose to study on my own. So I have come acrossed some excellent and must have apps for those preparing for neet pg 2018.

1. Prepg

This apps helps you to do give daily test as well as full mock test on weekends with rank list next day. It’s totally free app with detail explanation of each and every question. It also contains multiple images and different options to sort mcqs based on exam pattern like neet oh, aiims, pgi etc.

2. Marrow

I came across this app very late during my preparation so did not caught paid version. But I think is in if the best app out there which contain video lectures by one the top teachers of the country with mcqs on each and every topic of all 19 subjects. It also have question banks based on images , numbers , and many more exciting topics. Only few things are available on free version but if you have enough time in your hand you can go for paid version as it’s totally worth it.


I actually joined this platform through Website and came to know that app do exist. Its totally paid app with only few things available for free. You have to choose plan according to your study and they will give you prepladder cash through which you can buy books on site at much cheaper rate. Question banks are available in all subjects as well as full mock test. Experts solve your doubts and they have also started online lecture videos.

4.Photon 20

It’s app only for image base question. Its practically impossible to do all the images from all 19 subjects but apps like this train you to look for these questions and help you to make your own image library.

There are 1000s of apps out there for neet pg preparation and believe me I have downloaded many of them but so far these are only ones with authentic information.

Best of Luck.πŸ‘


The accident

Last week I was reading chiken soup tough times tough people. It’s really good book reading about experiences of people in tough times like incurable medical conditions, accidents and their life after that. While reading I can feel sadness in theipr stories , or that’s what I thought untill last week.

While coming back home from my granny’s place by taxi ,car bumped into our taxi from behind so bad that it I almost bumped my head on drivers seat. Being in India we are not familiar with concept of seat belt on back seats. Thankfully no one got injured but it sored my back for whole day. I was continuously thinking what would have happened if that car would have broke the backseat glass and …..

Just the thought made me shudder. They all say life’s short but we don’t realise it untill moments like this strike us. For the first time I realised I haven’t done enough treks in my life or haven’t visited a single country or at least cared to take passport. Why do we need these pushes to realise that life is gift and we should treat it according , as they say you never know Kal ho na ho..??πŸ˜‰

5 Apps which are totally free and should definitely try for more managed life

1. Journey.

Like every year this year too I decided to write everyday journal. But unlike every year this time I have completed successfully 2 months of writing , every single day just because of app “journey”. There are so many apps for writing journal but this one’s the best. In free version you can add upto 4 photos or even video. It reminds you to write everyday with inspiring quotes. Pro version offers much more than this. Definitely worth try .

2.Lower brightness

There are lots of apps for reducing brightness but this one is the simplest of all with minimum ads. After using it for weeks I realised that it reduces eye pain especially when you are using it in the night.

3.Free resume maker

Being doctor I never realised I also need to have my resume untill last week. I had no idea how to do it at all. So when I was searching for app on playstore I came across this app called ” Free Resume Maker” with so many templates and different types of resume that too very much professional. Must try if you are looking for simple yet professional and free resume making app.

4. Canvas
It’s app for making greeting cards and decorating your instagram or twitter handle or any thing with beautifully designed templates and 1000s of background.

5.App detox

It is one of my most favourite app. If you think you are too much addicted to your phone or some apps in particular this is the app which will help you to detox from that . It is simple to learn and help you decide how much time you want to spend on each app everyday with funny yet motivational quotes if you try opening it after your daily time slot.

The bus stop airport

Last week one of the indian youtuber was saying in her blog about how flights are always delayed. N when I started recollecting I can’t even remember last time indian domestic flights were on time. 1hr delay is like normal. Only when it delays more than 2hr they’ll start apologising and give complementary refreshments. But that thing never bothered me much as I love airport ambience. Pilates and air hostess walking in attitude , people’s excitement and air crafts landing and taking off. I just love it all. It never gets boring even after going for 50th time. Untill….

Last month while returning from trip we went to airport which was…. what should I say “basic” I guess. First of all it was so so crowded like standing on local train station when trains were 10-15 minutes late. We were standing for like 1hr before we got the seat. When I went to washroom locks were shaking so when I asked is it under construction so cleaning servant laughed saying she’ll guard it till I come out. I could not stop and laughed back wondering many foreign tourist were also travelling what they’ll think of my country. When I came back flight to bangalore had came after delay of 5hrs. I wonder if people could have gone to bangalore by road or train in that time.πŸ€£πŸ€”

But the most funny thing I heard was boy sitting next to me saying his friend that his flight was at 5pm { btw it was already 10pm) and flight was cancelled so they had booked him on another flight to calcutta and from there to mumbai. Listening to that made me tired. N yeah that calcutta flight was also 2hrs late. 🀣 And when it came to our flight which was supposed to be on 12am was delayed by 2hrs. Person sitting next to me asked me to wake him up for delhi flight which was 3hrs late. Finally at 12.30am I woke him as they announced his flight . They have already made 3 different announcement regarding gate 3,5,7. Everyone was confused and running from one gate to another. I could not help but laughed at the situation. Never in life I have come across such disastrous management on airport. People were literally joined chair and slept. At 1.30am management people came and actually woke up each and everyone asking them about their flight as our mumbai flight came. They were running here and there finding people who have checked in but have not boarded flight.

As our aircraft took off I prayed not to land me here ever again. Amen🀞🀣

The people 4

Last month when I went to rajsthan one astrologer told me that I have very difficulty in believing people. And like other things he told I could not deny this also. Yes I can get suspicious sometimes. But then when you meet some people who make you believe in humanity, trusting people.

I met these 2 boys last week. I have been driving scooty since last 3 years buy still very lazy in taking care of one day while coming back home after long trip my scooty stopped in middle of highway. It made me so panicked as this has never happened before and I had no idea what to do now or what’s wrong either. There was no petrol pump or garage near. I started walking with scooty buy couldn’t continue after 10 -15 minutes. And due to my why nature could not ask anyone also. But then w boys on scooty stopped near asking what happened. They opened tank and told me it was empty. I looked blankly not knowing whteher to believe them or not and what to do next. They themselves started searching something when I asked what is it they said they were looking for pipe to transfer the petrol from their tank. What?? Did he just said what I think I heard. I think he did. They could not find pipe so asked my mom to come with o w of them to nearest petrol pump on their scooty. As there was no option my mother went with 1 of them, other one waited with me. I asked why is he doing this , wasting his time when he can actually go and no one even can blame him then he told me that when he was once traveling and his bike too stopped in the middle of the highway and at that time someone had helped him to carry his bike to nearer garage. So he thought he must help someone just to reply that. I was shocked d this 2018 and people still think like this. World is not that bad place then…. Isn’t it….??

So other one came back with my mother within 10 miutes and poured petrol in my bike. They even refused to take money my mother offered to them. We could not do more than giving them blessings.

They say be grateful to people you met in tour life and I always complained where are these people I should be grateful f1ir but I guess these are those…

The people-3

Raj, 4yr old boy playing in the garden ,with girl of my age. He was in our group when I went to vacation few years back. I thought she must be his aunt or something. But then he said “mumma” and I started looking for his mother but it took me a while to realize who he was talking to. Yes that girl 24-25yr was his mom. Unbelievable. How can someone marry so early. Only 2 of them had come with their family. Everyone in the group thought his father must be busy so could not make it to the trip. The boy was so naughty and talkative. Withing few days he became everyone’s favorite even though no one was his age. I have never seen him crying once during that week which very unusual for his age. There was one more thing which was unusual for his age. Throughout the trip he never ever mentioned his dad. Generally moms threatened their child on dad’s name when he is not around or that’s what happened with us and with others too. But his mom never did that. When I told my mom this she actually got angry on me for judging and I felt bad too so I left the idea. I sometime used to feel bad for her as when everyone was busy taking photos or admiring spots she was running around her son. She even missed few spots when he got tired or bored and stayed with him in hotel instead. she even used to sing his favourite songs like barbie girl whenever people used to play antakshari. I used to feel sad for her as she was my own age and doing all those stuffs which not only me but also ny friends were still afraid of. Once we were having lunch and she passed and one of the lady in our group asked my mom “did you know what has happened with her”?” I gave my mother see I told you look. Then that aunty told us that she got married at early age and got divorced when boy was not even year old as his father was alcoholic and used to hit her. So that answered most of my questions and I actually felt proud for the girl. As she had decided to raise her son own her own at so early age, specially in india where facing community is as difficult as getting hit by drunk husband. I so wanted to tell her that what she was doing was very brave and her son will be proud of her for this one day but could not do that as I never got to talk to her properly. Now when I look back I realise I should have said those things to her. Actually I have heard about solve parents only in tv serials , I know this may sound funny but yes that’s what happens in india. Girls stretch or adjust with husband or his family as much as they can before going fir divorce. But with her example I realise girl should know when to stop and that’s what is important as where to start is…??

The people -2

Last month mom and I went to rajsthan with local tourist company. I actually hate going with tour companies but then mom wanted to go with them so I agreed. As soon as we reached Jaipur airport there were 25-30 people in our group waiting for your company boy to arrive. I saw him from distance standing with name plate of company almost 4’5 feet boy was waving at us. I don’t know why but being 5’10 myself I need some time to adjust with people who are extremely shorter than me. It’s not that I am teasing them but since childhood people used to tease me for being heighted so I made friends of my height height to be comfortable but then that habit stayed with me.

So we followed him to bus and left for hotel. He asked us to go to our rooms and hell send the luggage to our rooms. I insisted on taking my bag on my own since my name tag on bag tored down on airport. But he denied saying he’ll manage. After almost half an hour when the bag did not arrive I got extremely mad at him and he smilingly told me it’s not there. On the first day of my trip he was telling me that I lost my bag. I so wanted to kill him. He told me to take rest and started searching for bag on all the floors. How can I take rest when things for taking rest were also in that bag..?? Withing 15minures he came back , with sad face saying ” ma’am I think we lost it. ” I had no words for that I just opened my mouth thinking what to say and he started laughing and showed me my bag. I could not help but laughed back. I asked him “did you know I can complain about you for this and still you are laughing.”..?” He said nothing and went smiling.

That was my introduction with him. throughout our trip to rajsthan he was with us all the time, walking with same flag. He was my age and within days I felt like I was talking with one of my friend rather than tour guide. And not only me but he was friendly with people of all ages. While talking with him I realised he was in rajsthan since last 2-3mobths and one after others groups were coming from Mumbai and he was with different people almost every week. That really fascinated me as how can you be so friendly with people within days even when those people are there only for days. But he was doing that. And especially he loves his job. He used to joke saying you people come here on vacation while I go home on vacation.

For someone who is extremely introvert like me it was different experience to be friend with someone withing days and I should give him the entire credit. I’ll come to know whenever he is hiding while people from the group ask him to click photos continuously, or when he used call in the early morning to wake us up inspite of me begging him not to do so in the night because It never felt like we were actually his clients and not friends.

If I would not met people like him I would have never believed that such crazy people do exist who do not consider bussiness as strict business and way of meeting new people, smiling at then and with them even if it’s for few days….