The people -1

If you can read in marathi then there is one book you should definitely try is P.L. Deshpande ‘s “Vyakti ani Valli”. The book is about different people author met in his life and everyone’s different nature in his own words. It’s one of my favorite book of all time. Since I read that book as child I also started noticing details in people which make them different. So this little series about such different yet so commom people I came across.

I first met her when she came with her brother to my granny’s house. My uncle wanted to appoint her as full time nanny for my cousin. I did not even bother to give her smile as she was going to be servant in our house so I thought it’s better maintain a distance. But so wrong I was going to be for next 7 years….

She was sitting quietly. As first timer in Mumbai she was little bit shy and did not look up throughout my mama asking her questions. She was just 17yrs at that time so only year older to me. I felt sad at that point as I was in 11th std by then and here she was leaving her village few hundred kilometers away to do job. She came to leave at uncles house.

She was total opposite of I had her 1st impression of. She was too much talkative. We used to talk for like hours when we had nothing at all in commom. If someone would have told me I going to be freind with girl from remote village of maharashtra, studied only till 9th (when I was in medical school),interested in making new recipes everyday(when I can’t even make tea yet) but yes we were best friends. She was the one who made me realize that in friendship doesn’t need same age or interest or geographical area. It’s just happens. Like magic. She knew all my favourite recepies, some of which she learned from my mom. Whenever I used to go to granny’s place she use to make lemon juice before I come n put it in freeze n as soon as I reach home she’ll hand me over glass of it. I was overwhelmed by this gestute all the time. She was doing all those things when no one even asked for it. I never realised when I started referring her as my cousin whenever I talk about her in my friends.

Since child I only had 1 complaint that I don’t have elder brother. I have no idea why I was so obsessed with idea of having elder brother but with her I felt content that my wish was granted. I asked for brother and I got best sister. When she got married and left uncles house after 7 years I cried more than her mom. I miss her too much. I miss our aimless talks for hours, I miss her food but more than that I miss my sister. Thank you so much sweetheart for coming in my life , teaching me that good people do exist…..


In time

I am not huge fan of sci fi movies. My only favourite sci fi cartoon was jeorge Jetson. But when I saw “In Time” it made me nervous, stunned , mesmerised all at the same time. The movie revolves around having less time (sadly the concept applies to today’s era too but to less severely) so as the trailer says everyone gets time clock of 1 yr in their 25th birthday n clock is visible on left forearm. According to that there are different time zones and rich have more time and become practically immortal while poor die early. Throughout the movie I was totally glued to the screen. It became horrified at the times as I realised how much time we waste on day to day basis thinking we have abundant time.

Sometimes kicks like this are required to understand value of things we have in abundance. So I have decided this year that Ill stop watching my favourite movies again and again. I’ll learn new language or restart doing painting. They say time is money but we never realizes this untill we run short of it. So my friends use it wisely before it becomes too late

I love you like I hate you

Have you heard this song? It’s not that great , just funny. How can you love someone like you hate at the same time? But that’s exactly my relationship with YouTube. I love it as it helps in my studies by connecting me with teachers of the world but I hate it when it suggest me to watch why shah rukh khan is angry at his daughter?

I love it when I learn new hairstyle at home but I hate it when it wants me to watch 10 mistakes in “XYZ” movie. I consider myself lucky when I can find answer to my question in 5 minutes but I wanna bang my head when I see trending list showing how to earn money by putting clove in lemon.

Dear You tube you are the best and worst friend I have ever got. You make me laugh when I am depressed but you make me cry when you suggest me things which are not even remotely related to my search history.

Sometimes I feel you should stop giving suggestions at all. I’ll find my way as per my need. I wish there should some way to block things which I don’t wanna see like movie trailors and everything related to them, cricket updates, random youtubers telling something which I am not gonna use in next 100 years like my husband does my make up tag.

I don’t know whether you tube will be that changed in future or not and if it will how much time will that take but till then I think our relationship status will be complicated.🤔

You tube videos of the month

I am a big you tube fan but there are tons of videos. So when you come across really good videos you want to share them. So today I am going to share my favourite you tube videos of the month. Since ii an a music list 4 of 5 are if songs.

1. First one short film on water it’s called dry dreams. I saw it for actress as I love her but it turned out to be futuristic sci-fi type one. It’s really good film and worth your time.

2. Second one is music video apparently of same actress.😅 I liked the song but I loved the story much more. I was so engrossed in guessing ending and it was really dramatic. Definitely worth a watch.

3. Next song is for medical students. Everyone knows disney princess Elsa’s famous song Let it go. So they made parody of song with med students problem. I laughed and felt connected instantly. Medical students must watch.

4. Are you a fan of Sia’s cheap thrills?? Who’s not? I feel like dancing every time I hear it. So same song is played on a flute. It’s so melodious even on simple flute without any lyrics.

5. Have you heard songs when you don’t know the language but still love it?? If yes then you’ll love next one. It’s in tamil. I did not understand a single word of it but it’s just so soothing you instantly feel relax. They say music doesn’t need language you can feel it in you heart. This ones definitely one of them. enna solla

Medical science in TV shows

I don’t really watch indian tv shows. It’s not like I am a huge fan of American tv shows either except f.r.i.e.n.d.s., house md.,ang himym, these are worth a watch. So last week when I was watching one my mom’s tv serial with her it showed something so horribly disastrous that it made my gut twisted in every way possible.

That serial is currently very famous. Ranking 2nd in TRP rating of that channel. (I checked that on net). So in that show they showed that heroine was 9 months pregnant and she fells from stairs and undergoes emergency delivery ( which I am guessing caesarian as they didn’t specified) and she loses her child but the point is within 15 minutes she starts running in the hospital looking for child. And on the top of that she murders her mother in law on the same day with hospital gown on. Are you kidding with me?? I am 100 % sure that director /writer have not seen women who have just delivered. Normal delivery causes min 500 ml of blood loss and traumatic caesarian would definitely cause min 1-1.5 litre blood loss . Will that lady be in a position to rome around even in the hospital let around in the city?? I gave my mother ”its not possible” look, and she gave me “why do you think so much ” look back.

I am not expecting House MD feel but have some respect towards medicine. There are so many of these things

1.doctors asking relatives to pray to God. My god, in my 85 emergencies never have I even seen any of my senior doctors asking that to patients relative.

2.Taking serious patients brought on trolly directly to operation table. That’s big Nooooo.. we don’t do that. Let patient be any serious you have to carry out basic investigations before taking patient in operation table and first of that is changing clothes . I have seen many shows and even movies where operations have been shown with patients muddy clothes on and that too being successful. Do you even know that there is something called aseptic environment??

3. Doctors don’t wear apron all the the time. Some tv advertisement have shown doctors wearing apron while travelling outside hospital. Do you think scientist will walk with test tube in this hand all the time or architect with drawing papers in his pocket? Ohhh I get it just because the actors love the camera on them 24×7 they think all others professions must be loving to carry their job with them every where. Sorry but we don’t. We like to take off the apron once we are out of the hospital.

4. Showing blood being transfused from one person to other person directly. Are you aware of conditions called AIDS, syphilis or hepatitis B..No..? Because you have to check the blood for those so you can’t transfer blood to the patients till then even if its close relatives.

I think I can write 3-5 post on this topics but my point is “entertainment industry (india) please think at least for 5 minutes while showing something about medical condition, consult a doctor if you can, or don’t as they say sometimes it becomes so bad that its good.”

Yes I am an introvert

When I first saw this post I was about to cry. I really want to carry this with me all the time and show it to people whenever they think I am being weird. Till 15 years of my life, I was sure that I was anti social as that’s what people always used to tell me. I never knew about concept called introvert till then. Everyone around you is so talkative, enthusiast all the time and you are the one who wants to sit at home and read a book so there must be some problem with you. How can everyone else is wrong??

So somewhere around 2008 or 09 everyone started opening facebook account(India). I was not very keen on managing 100 to 1000 friends at the same time so I refused to open account that officially made me anti social. I really felt there is something wrong with me so I took online personality test which showed me that I am 95% introvert. What was that again? Introvert?? So I searched about it as much as I can & found that, it’s so much normal. There are people like me but I have not met many of them yet.

During my college years I met many people like me with whom I can connect. I do have extrovert friends but they don’t think I am abnormal as I am sure that I am not. Being introvert is difficult in this people friendly era where anyone can easily judge you as self centred but if you accept yourself, then you don’t need to prove it to others. I do belive in friendship but I also believe that if you’ll stick so much to your past you can’t find future as attractive as it is.

There are so many videos on you tube about introverts but these two are my favourite. 1. 2.

So just embrace yourself, love the way you are ,express more often, it’s ok to not have facebook or instagram account just because everyone have it and don’t be shy to sat that books are still your best friends💕

I don’t want a pet dog right now

If you think this is post about dog, I am sorry but it has nothing to do with dog but that’s dialogue of one of my best friend few years ago, about having boyfriend. I know it’s harsh but we were immature teenagers back then.

Her name was Rachel. We were in the same class in 11th and 12th standard. Since everybody else had afternoon college and only 2 of us had a morning college we had to attend classes in afternoon. Since there was no other girl in batch we had no option but to be with each other. We were way out of each orders league. She was a talkative extrovert and I was a shy introvert. She was typical tomboyish girl wearing jeans and collar Tees. She was the one who made me addicted to twilight. There was only thing common to both of us that was our passion for studying. I wanted to get into med school and she into engineering college. We were not wasting any time on partying, watching movies, vacations or any extra curricular activities that will waste our time which included having boyfriend. She used to say this “I don’t want dog right now. I don’t have time to waste on him” and we used to laugh alot on girls having one for wasting time.

But as year passed, they merged 2 batches in one single batch in the classes and we moved away from each other but still shared that passion and troubled each other midnight asking doubts. And then one day I saw her talking with dumbest boy in the class. ( Believe me he was the dumbest person I have ever seen. I m still not sure how he even got into science stream in the first place. He had only one response to all questions, a faint smile,making person confuse whether he understood or not) Anyways I saw her many times after that with same boy. She started coming late for classes eventually missing them. She used to talk with him for hours near class bus stop without bothering to come up. It was major shocked for me. I felt betrayed how could she do his to me. She did not even cared to talk to me after that and I too stooped talking with her. I did not know how much marks she got into 12th nor did I inquired that whether she got into engineering college.

I didn’t feel bad that she had boyfriend but to the fact thar she did not think her friends as part of her life when she met a boy. Grandpa says people change but so drastically?? I always wonder what did she look into him. He was total opposite to her but as my favourite author says “pyar aaya gadhi pe toh pari kya chees hai” meaning teenage is such age where you find donkey also beautiful then what about angel??