I hate you smokers

To,                                                                          (non) dear smoker,

I hate you more than I hate alcoholic. Actually I don’t hate them at all because whatever they are doing is damaging their own liver and unless they drive they are not threat to society as such. But you guys, I know it’s your personal choice to decide that you want to die with cancer but don’t drag us with you. I know it’s difficult to ask something from you as you don’t care about you own body, it’s difficult that you’ll care about others. But you guys are really fearless, and courageous as I have never seen a packet of any item showing this much horrible images of its consumption and still people buying it.

 From where did you get do so much courage? 

I don’t know about other countries but in india, smoking zone is not very common concept. Smokers will smoke anywhere they want, (preferably away from their home), in any public space, bus stop, railway station even outside schools. I can understand that you guys are going through a lot of stress and that’s your reliever, as god has given all happiness to non smoker. But I still wanna tell u that we do get stress but we use ancient methods to relieve them like painting, dancing, listening to music. Anyways my point is do whatever you want that’s your life just don’t forget that it applies to us too. So whenever you smoke just look around , see if there is not single non smoker within atleast 15 -20 feet of you. As you might be lot of courageous but we are not and we want a natural death not painful one. 

                                               Yours sincerely,                                                        non smoker.


Close that tap

I am the most impatient person I have ever seen 😎… If someone asks me to wait, my BP increase at the rate of 10mmHg per minute as time passes. I always reach on time for anything and if other person can’t make it on time I can wait for 10 minute max before leaving. Other than time, water tap sound make me impatient. I live in country were having 24hr water supply is luxury. I have been lucky to have that luxury since childhood but I have seen many of my relatives,friends adjusting their work schedule according to water time. At my granny’s place water comes at 7pm every day that to for 2hr only, so they have to return home before that anyhow. So whenever I see someone working with open water tap I feel restless unless someone closes it. And in the contrary people leaving with 24 hr water supply waste less water as compared to people having with fix water supply as they tend empty vessels everyday to fill it with ‘fresh’ water. Within a day it’s going to become unhealthy?? Very few people know that having healthy drinking water is not as easy as we think and it’s luxury not many can afford. 

Few years back I have read a article of photographer, she was working on a project in Rajasthan and suddenly it started raining and all the children playing around started hiding, when she inquired, villagers told that children’s had seen the rain for the first time in their life as it had stopped raining in that village since many years. Women in that village has to go many kilometer searching for water. So whenever I see open tap I tend to close it and get myself in fight many times but for water, baby you are worth it.πŸ’§ 

The stubborn patient

During my internship I have met hundreds of patients per day. Being introvert, talking to them everyday is a different experience for me. Some were kind , some were attention seeking while some were just stubborn.                                                     

This one incident I will never ever forget. I had emergency duty for 15 days. One day I was sitting in casualty in evening. Around 7pm a 20 year girl came with gasping. Her relatives thought it was a heart attack but it was next to impossible in 20 yr old n specially girl. We thought it must be asthmatic attack. All blood investigation including chest x ray and ECG was done and everything was normal. They diagnosed it as panic attack. Patient and relatives were asked to wait for psychiatrist. But they ran away and we also forgot. Same things happen next day since I was the only one present yesterday I told my senior about incident but she did not listened to me and carried out all investigations again and same drama happened again.

On the 3rd day I was literally waiting for her to come and she came again with same thing. This time diffrent senior was there n I told him everything. He listened to me n asked them to wait for psychiatrist. But to my surprise her relatives were still thinking it as a heart attack and were asking for same investigations again. We stood still this time and asked them to wait. My senior even appointed a guard to look at them till psychiatrist comes. Her relatives were panicking more than her and when we tried telling them about her situation they got mad on us too. Finally the psychiatrist came and started her examination. He realised that she was suffering from depression and every time some one talks about her problems she does this to avoid it. He even counselled her relatives and asked them to come to OPD next day. After they went I was not even sure that they understood or not.                I have heard this many time that  ‘you should not hide anything from your lawyer and doctor’ because both are going to save your in way. People come to doctor and tell half truth and expect him to do miracle. But unless you tell everything diagnosis is never going to be complete. Also when patient comes with internet information about their symptoms, is like doubting your doctor. I am not saying blindly believe in him but your 5min knowledge is incomparable with his 10 yrs of education. Like in this case symptoms were suggesting like a heart attack but we know it’s impossible in 20yr old girl as in premenopausal woman estrogen protect you from it. So what we expect is show some faith πŸ’•  and believe that you’ll be great as they say ” when you think you cant or you can’t, you are right”

Being vegetarian

Being vegetarian is very difficult not because you don’t get many options,(which you do get) but you have to constantly prove to non vegetarian’s why you chose to do so. I stopped eating meat since I was 10 yr old when I 1st saw chicken being killed in front of my eyes. For the first time I realised someone was being killed so that I can have my dinner. As a child I could never forget that and stopped eating meat after that. I have never been bored with veg food yet and I am sure I won’t eat non veg again but problem comes only when you go for dinner or lunch with people and while ordering people will realise that you are vegetarian and then starts a never ending questionnaire…               

 1. How do you not get bore by eating ghas phus( literally meaning grass)- no I dont because it’s not grass I eat but vegetables and there are ‘n’ no. of different dishes I have not yet tried so I don’t wanna kill someone till then.

2.how do you get enough nutrition? – I take multivitamin tablet.

3. But medicine is not good for health. They must be having their own side effects??- No vitamin toxicities are rare. 

4. Why do you don’t eat non veg but? – I don’t want to kill someone for me.

5. But eating vegetables is also like killing them?- No I don’t think it’s same, plants grow fruits and vegetables as product of reproduction mainly so when I eat fruits I keep seeds and whenever I go out I throw them in soil so that atleast one of them can grow n by that I try to return what I have taken from nature. You can’t do that with animals as you don’t have control over their reproductivity.

5. You should not think much, the animals which we eat are pretty much dumb as such and are reproducing in fair numbers so it’s not like they are going to extinct. –        But I don’t think anyone gave me right to kill someone for myself and yes many animals , birds have become extinct just because they were killed in larger numbers for eating.

6. What is point in coming to a restaurant then when you are not going to eat non veg? -There are pure veg hotels and there are working fine, so it’s not like I am the only one.

7. Are you firm believer in god?- What? No. I am aesthist. 

8. Egg is not meat-  Anything which is animal original is non veg.

And this fight can go on for hours. I never asked anyone to become vegetarian, it’s everyone’s personal choice, if that person doesn’t feel that he or she should become vegetarian no matter how much you force that person he is going to make fun of you. I don’t believe in God but I do believe in nature. Just because lion kills dear doesn’t give you right to kill other animals too. Last week I read about food fair of dog meat. I couldn’t believe my eyes for second. Is it even possible?? No way I don’t even wanna think of it. 

I just want to tell all non vegetarians it’s not that your body needs meat but your tongue, because I can tell you that I am fit and fine as I should be and there is no need to kill someone so that you can become healthy..πŸ•πŸ’ž

That’s why I don’t watch bollywood movies

Ok so from where should I startπŸ€”…?           I don’t remember last bollywood movie I saw in theater for that matter , not even marathi or any other regional movies. When I think of it I can tell min 10 reasons. I know people say that budget is not as hollywood movie but it’s not about picture quality only there are so many other things.

1.Most of hindi heroes are in their are 40s while heroins in there 20s. I am not saying it’s impossible but it’s rare that every 20 year something girl going to fall in love with 40 year old man. I am 23 yr old and none of my friend is falling for 40 yr man you know why? Because that’s our parents age. It’s not eye pleasing to see this on big screen when you can see heroes wrinkles and still he is dancing with girl of his daughters age. 

2. Aga bai arrecha is one of my favorite marathi movie, because it’s concept is so different it just blew my mind when I saw it for the first time. We are not asking for movies like Avatar but diffrent story will be great. Love stories are just not that fun anymore.

3. I always used to think bollywood movies are unique in their songs but then came you tube n so many channels, giving “inspiration ” behind 85% of those songs. So when you can hear original song duplicate doesn’t please your ears as much as it used to.

4. last week I was watching movie in which nothing was happening till interval, only random celebrations, people changing clothes and background music. Hero had only 1 expression smile. He was smiling even when girl told him that she was leaving him. I was like , are you mentally retarted?? You know what, you are not because that was the block buster movie in 2016 n he had earned his money n I was the one who was mentally retarted watching that movie hoping something will happen… They just fool us into watching movie by taking famous heroes without thinking of writing story, because they know it’ll work as people will come to watch their favorite hero who cares about the story??

5. Romcom is actually excellent genre. 80% of  hollywood movies I have seen on ‘Romedy now’ ,I have laughed out loud. But if you watch even bollywood version of these movies😷…Try watching God tussi great ho after bruce almighty.

I can go on like this, but my point is when we are spending 300-500 on multiplex it should be worth it. You should not feel like drinking extra coffee after watching movie when you have actually gone for entertainment. There are some great actors like amitabh bacchan who acts according to his age or sometime not but still most of his movies are good. Having said that I also wanted to mention some of my favorite bollywood movies like jab we met or chak de india , 3 idiots, dangal, zindagi na milegi dobara. I know some of them still comes under categories I mentioned but they are full 3 hour entertainment and that’s what we asked πŸ˜‡…

I wanna be ill

I know the title is weird, but do you feel this anytime, when you are in stress, when you don’t remember when was the last time you were on vacation or when you just wanna run away from situation??

No?? Is this just me?? I know this is not something I should be proud of, but yes I had this feeling sometimes and I am extremely guilty for that… 

Few months back,when I started my medical internship, and didnt know what to expect on emergency day. I went there at 8 am knowing I’ll be free by 12pm next day. I was horrified knowing that I was not going to see my bed for 30-32 hrs. I gave my bed a good bye hug in morning before leaving.( Sleep lovers will understand what bed stands in their lifeπŸ›ŒπŸ’•) so as day proceed patients were coming so much so that there was no time to eat, drink or go to washroom also. Being only intern I had to beg to my seniors for lunch break at 4pm in afternoon. As I came out I felt like running away and not going back there ever. I did not have that much courage and went back. I should have known that was last time I am being out till next day. As I went back there, pile of work was waiting for me. I must have put around 100 iv lines,15-20 ryles tube and 15 urine catheters in that night. Finally someone asked me about dinner and I looked at clock it was 2.45 am in the night. I was not even hungry. My body must have forgotten about basic needs. I went in side room and tried eating cold vegetable curry with stiff roti, but then my teeth started paining so I lied down, thinking of all things I’ll do once I’ll get out of here…..’Sleep, eat… shower, shower, shower….my bed…’ the list was endless… At that moment I really felt like begging my brain “please please do something, faint or vomit or something that’ll make me look ill so I can escape from here” 

I know admiting this thought also make me guilty, how can I even think something like this for my body, when I should be thanking my immune system for being healthy in such mess. Running away from situation is not a option, but sometime facing it also doesn’t help much?? What to do then?? Suffer…??? No one force me to be a doctor but that doesnt mean I should work for 30 hrs straight…When I am not feeling well,how am I supposed to make others well??? So I just went up to my senior told her that my back is killing me (which was truth) and I can’t put one more urine catheter as I will definitely vomit this time, she gave me “how will you become good doctor” look and started doing it own her own. I did it. I stood for myself without asking for any wrong help from my body…. As my favourite you tuber says your body is the only things that’ll stays with you, it’s your own temple, you only have protect itπŸ’ͺ…


Everyone have bad habits , I also have, but sometime it takes time to realise that those are bad habits and we need to stop doing them.

 One such thing which took me years realise was my obsession with things I like. When I read twilight for the first time , I re-read and re- read all the books many times and saw the movies until my family members got irritated with me. I actually deleted that account when the lead pair broke up in real life. Same things applies for my favorite heroes and heroins ( which changes every 2-3 years) so every time I want to know all the information about them available on net ,you tube until I find someone new or they do something wrong to get off my list.

It’s scientifically proven that when you gather  extra information which is practically of no use to you, can I interfere with already stored information. So I have found solution to this problem in my way as they say ignorance is bliss I have stopped doing things which I think might end up being my obsession. That’s why I don’t hv fb account or I have not seen game of throne yet, as I know these things will definitely waste my time without being actually productive in my life. These things are not bad but they certainly not good for someone like me. 

Having bad habit is not problem, but knowing them n not doing anything to stop them is definitely one….