The death

Being in medical filed, death is common thing to see in every day life. I remember once our senior told us that”you’ll always remember the first person died in front of your eyes, rest you’ll get used to” . It gave me goose bumps that how can someone get used to death but yes that’s what happend after few month of my internship.

So there is this weird case I have heard where a woman died when she was being treated for infertility. I was not sure how a treatment for such cause can kill some one? but when I saw it in front of my eyes it just shattered me. I don’t whether it was doctors mistake or her previous medical conditions but she died n left me wondering how can someone sacrifice a life while trying to produce a new life… Thats the irony I think mainly in india when mothers die giving birth to 5-6th child due to heavy blood loss or unavailability of facilities….Is it justified to give your life to produce a new one??    I don’t know…I really don’t know…