The change

Change is the only constant thing in nature they say, so whether you like it or not things are gonna change. It took me some time to realise this. 

As a child we always used to go to our native place in summer vacations. But after few years it became difficult to manage time as studies started getting bigger as compared to my age and there was nothing left to do in life until I got into med school. So that year I decided to go to my village after 7years or so. I was so excited but when I went there everything I remembered was changed. My village used to be a simple, remote place away from city chaos where no one even had Tv in their house. We used chat, play, talk for hours without the need to connect with world. I loved it that way. There are many coconut trees around the house planted by my grand father and his too. Watering those trees always mede me feel like connected with those people, some I have  never met. Seeing in well ,looking at my own smiling reflection, I always thanked the nature for keeping it full of water even in the hot summer of may. For me it was mini heaven on earth. 

So when I went there after 7 years,there was this tower in midst of farm ruining the beauty of nature and my mood too. Everyone have dish Tv in their home now and by the time sun sets, everyone is in front of that idiot box. My cousins were bored as there was no wifi (yet) so they can’t talk with their frinds in mumbai instead of talking with people who are actually present there. All coconut tree roots were flooded with plastic bags. When we went to seashore, which used to be quite and calm as I remembered was full of eating stalls , plastic garbage and dead snake flowing in the water. Thats it I could not control my tears, this the only place which was not supposed to change but it did. 

Next day we went to temple of village god who according to localite protect the village. Our family belive in him alot and I inspite of being athiest love going there since childhood. He always looks the same, calm, compose with sword in his hand, always ready to fight like experienced soldier of the army. Looking at him gave me a comfort that atleast he is not going to change when I’ll come next time nor does my feelings, excitement gonna reduce every time I’ll bored the train going to my village. So as I came home I took a bag and started collecting all the plastic from tree roots, I watered those plants and talked with them as used to when I was child. I patted them all and threatened them to be there next time when I’ll come. 

I know things need to change to make progress , but some things need to be as they are , specially when they connect you to your past,making your present memorable and help to look at the future confidentially…💕


Walking past

She was coming from a busy day, clients liked her presentation, they got the deal everything got smoothly but she was not happy. Her boss insulted her in the morning for silly thing, her day was fine after that but how can someone insult her like that?? She was the most sincere person in the office. It doesn’t matter day went good or bad after that???…

As she was walking see saw a 5 year old fighting with her friend on some toy but within minutes they forgot and started playing again.. kids .. she thought in her mind… Some kids were playing with butterfly trying to catch it , when it was flying from one flower to another,one kid successed in catching the butterfly ,they all held it gently one by one by holding it’s wings and then set it free… It just flew away without having grudge on the children….  

That’s what nature does, that’s what we do when we were child, forgive as the moment passed. What happenes when we grow up, why do we start remembering small small things, think about it so much and waste a beautiful day… She came home. Hot water was ready and breakfast was waiting for her on the table, she just smiled at her mother, n forgot all her worries, anxiety as the water start pouring on her……