The accident

Last week I was reading chiken soup tough times tough people. It’s really good book reading about experiences of people in tough times like incurable medical conditions, accidents and their life after that. While reading I can feel sadness in theipr stories , or that’s what I thought untill last week.

While coming back home from my granny’s place by taxi ,car bumped into our taxi from behind so bad that it I almost bumped my head on drivers seat. Being in India we are not familiar with concept of seat belt on back seats. Thankfully no one got injured but it sored my back for whole day. I was continuously thinking what would have happened if that car would have broke the backseat glass and …..

Just the thought made me shudder. They all say life’s short but we don’t realise it untill moments like this strike us. For the first time I realised I haven’t done enough treks in my life or haven’t visited a single country or at least cared to take passport. Why do we need these pushes to realise that life is gift and we should treat it according , as they say you never know Kal ho na ho..??😉


Walking past

She was coming from a busy day, clients liked her presentation, they got the deal everything got smoothly but she was not happy. Her boss insulted her in the morning for silly thing, her day was fine after that but how can someone insult her like that?? She was the most sincere person in the office. It doesn’t matter day went good or bad after that???…

As she was walking see saw a 5 year old fighting with her friend on some toy but within minutes they forgot and started playing again.. kids .. she thought in her mind… Some kids were playing with butterfly trying to catch it , when it was flying from one flower to another,one kid successed in catching the butterfly ,they all held it gently one by one by holding it’s wings and then set it free… It just flew away without having grudge on the children….  

That’s what nature does, that’s what we do when we were child, forgive as the moment passed. What happenes when we grow up, why do we start remembering small small things, think about it so much and waste a beautiful day… She came home. Hot water was ready and breakfast was waiting for her on the table, she just smiled at her mother, n forgot all her worries, anxiety as the water start pouring on her……

The death

Being in medical filed, death is common thing to see in every day life. I remember once our senior told us that”you’ll always remember the first person died in front of your eyes, rest you’ll get used to” . It gave me goose bumps that how can someone get used to death but yes that’s what happend after few month of my internship.

So there is this weird case I have heard where a woman died when she was being treated for infertility. I was not sure how a treatment for such cause can kill some one? but when I saw it in front of my eyes it just shattered me. I don’t whether it was doctors mistake or her previous medical conditions but she died n left me wondering how can someone sacrifice a life while trying to produce a new life… Thats the irony I think mainly in india when mothers die giving birth to 5-6th child due to heavy blood loss or unavailability of facilities….Is it justified to give your life to produce a new one??    I don’t know…I really don’t know…