Being judgemental

“You are pathetically judgmental” my friend shouted at me. I was about to say something but then shup up. Do I not know myself?? I have this weird habit of making opinion on people before even they say a word. Like if someones fat then she is ignorant about her Health. if someones thin then she is too self obsessed, beautiful people have attitude n so on….(ps- don’t judge me now bcuz it took great courage for me to share this). So when my friend told me this it made me think should I change myself…?? 

So from next day I decided to do simple thing, whenever I see someone n I remotely remember that person,I started smiling at them,if they smile back ,good , go n talk with them if they don’t smile back it’s ok atleast you tried, n you don’t no you might end up getting new friend… So all my judgemental fellas out there instead of thinking so much just talk a little….