Must have apps for neet pg

I have recently given neet pg exam. The prestigious exam in India after completing your MBBS for further studies. There are many professional classes available for the same but I chose to study on my own. So I have come acrossed some excellent and must have apps for those preparing for neet pg 2018.

1. Prepg

This apps helps you to do give daily test as well as full mock test on weekends with rank list next day. It’s totally free app with detail explanation of each and every question. It also contains multiple images and different options to sort mcqs based on exam pattern like neet oh, aiims, pgi etc.

2. Marrow

I came across this app very late during my preparation so did not caught paid version. But I think is in if the best app out there which contain video lectures by one the top teachers of the country with mcqs on each and every topic of all 19 subjects. It also have question banks based on images , numbers , and many more exciting topics. Only few things are available on free version but if you have enough time in your hand you can go for paid version as it’s totally worth it.


I actually joined this platform through Website and came to know that app do exist. Its totally paid app with only few things available for free. You have to choose plan according to your study and they will give you prepladder cash through which you can buy books on site at much cheaper rate. Question banks are available in all subjects as well as full mock test. Experts solve your doubts and they have also started online lecture videos.

4.Photon 20

It’s app only for image base question. Its practically impossible to do all the images from all 19 subjects but apps like this train you to look for these questions and help you to make your own image library.

There are 1000s of apps out there for neet pg preparation and believe me I have downloaded many of them but so far these are only ones with authentic information.

Best of Luck.πŸ‘


Medical science in TV shows

I don’t really watch indian tv shows. It’s not like I am a huge fan of American tv shows either except f.r.i.e.n.d.s., house md.,ang himym, these are worth a watch. So last week when I was watching one my mom’s tv serial with her it showed something so horribly disastrous that it made my gut twisted in every way possible.

That serial is currently very famous. Ranking 2nd in TRP rating of that channel. (I checked that on net). So in that show they showed that heroine was 9 months pregnant and she fells from stairs and undergoes emergency delivery ( which I am guessing caesarian as they didn’t specified) and she loses her child but the point is within 15 minutes she starts running in the hospital looking for child. And on the top of that she murders her mother in law on the same day with hospital gown on. Are you kidding with me?? I am 100 % sure that director /writer have not seen women who have just delivered. Normal delivery causes min 500 ml of blood loss and traumatic caesarian would definitely cause min 1-1.5 litre blood loss . Will that lady be in a position to rome around even in the hospital let around in the city?? I gave my mother ”its not possible” look, and she gave me “why do you think so much ” look back.

I am not expecting House MD feel but have some respect towards medicine. There are so many of these things

1.doctors asking relatives to pray to God. My god, in my 85 emergencies never have I even seen any of my senior doctors asking that to patients relative.

2.Taking serious patients brought on trolly directly to operation table. That’s big Nooooo.. we don’t do that. Let patient be any serious you have to carry out basic investigations before taking patient in operation table and first of that is changing clothes . I have seen many shows and even movies where operations have been shown with patients muddy clothes on and that too being successful. Do you even know that there is something called aseptic environment??

3. Doctors don’t wear apron all the the time. Some tv advertisement have shown doctors wearing apron while travelling outside hospital. Do you think scientist will walk with test tube in this hand all the time or architect with drawing papers in his pocket? Ohhh I get it just because the actors love the camera on them 24Γ—7 they think all others professions must be loving to carry their job with them every where. Sorry but we don’t. We like to take off the apron once we are out of the hospital.

4. Showing blood being transfused from one person to other person directly. Are you aware of conditions called AIDS, syphilis or hepatitis B..No..? Because you have to check the blood for those so you can’t transfer blood to the patients till then even if its close relatives.

I think I can write 3-5 post on this topics but my point is “entertainment industry (india) please think at least for 5 minutes while showing something about medical condition, consult a doctor if you can, or don’t as they say sometimes it becomes so bad that its good.”

The stubborn patient

During my internship I have met hundreds of patients per day. Being introvert, talking to them everyday is a different experience for me. Some were kind , some were attention seeking while some were just stubborn.                                                     

This one incident I will never ever forget. I had emergency duty for 15 days. One day I was sitting in casualty in evening. Around 7pm a 20 year girl came with gasping. Her relatives thought it was a heart attack but it was next to impossible in 20 yr old n specially girl. We thought it must be asthmatic attack. All blood investigation including chest x ray and ECG was done and everything was normal. They diagnosed it as panic attack. Patient and relatives were asked to wait for psychiatrist. But they ran away and we also forgot. Same things happen next day since I was the only one present yesterday I told my senior about incident but she did not listened to me and carried out all investigations again and same drama happened again.

On the 3rd day I was literally waiting for her to come and she came again with same thing. This time diffrent senior was there n I told him everything. He listened to me n asked them to wait for psychiatrist. But to my surprise her relatives were still thinking it as a heart attack and were asking for same investigations again. We stood still this time and asked them to wait. My senior even appointed a guard to look at them till psychiatrist comes. Her relatives were panicking more than her and when we tried telling them about her situation they got mad on us too. Finally the psychiatrist came and started her examination. He realised that she was suffering from depression and every time some one talks about her problems she does this to avoid it. He even counselled her relatives and asked them to come to OPD next day. After they went I was not even sure that they understood or not.                I have heard this many time that  ‘you should not hide anything from your lawyer and doctor’ because both are going to save your in way. People come to doctor and tell half truth and expect him to do miracle. But unless you tell everything diagnosis is never going to be complete. Also when patient comes with internet information about their symptoms, is like doubting your doctor. I am not saying blindly believe in him but your 5min knowledge is incomparable with his 10 yrs of education. Like in this case symptoms were suggesting like a heart attack but we know it’s impossible in 20yr old girl as in premenopausal woman estrogen protect you from it. So what we expect is show some faith πŸ’•  and believe that you’ll be great as they say ” when you think you cant or you can’t, you are right”

I wanna be ill

I know the title is weird, but do you feel this anytime, when you are in stress, when you don’t remember when was the last time you were on vacation or when you just wanna run away from situation??

No?? Is this just me?? I know this is not something I should be proud of, but yes I had this feeling sometimes and I am extremely guilty for that…

Few months back,when I started my medical internship, and didnt know what to expect on emergency day. I went there at 8 am knowing I’ll be free by 12pm next day. I was horrified knowing that I was not going to see my bed for 30-32 hrs. I gave my bed a good bye hug in morning before leaving.( Sleep lovers will understand what bed stands in their lifeπŸ›ŒπŸ’•) so as day proceed patients were coming so much so that there was no time to eat, drink or go to washroom also. Being only intern I had to beg to my seniors for lunch break at 4pm in afternoon. As I came out I felt like running away and not going back there ever. I did not have that much courage and went back. I should have known that was last time I am being out till next day. As I went back there, pile of work was waiting for me. I must have put around 100 iv lines,15-20 ryles tube and 15 urine catheters in that night. Finally someone asked me about dinner and I looked at clock it was 2.45 am in the night. I was not even hungry. My body must have forgotten about basic needs. I went in side room and tried eating cold vegetable curry with stiff roti, but then my teeth started paining so I lied down, thinking of all things I’ll do once I’ll get out of here…..’Sleep, eat… shower, shower, shower….my bed…’ the list was endless… At that moment I really felt like begging my brain “please please do something, faint or vomit or something that’ll make me look ill so I can escape from here”

I know admiting this thought also make me guilty, how can I even think something like this for my body, when I should be thanking my immune system for being healthy in such mess. Running away from situation is not a option, but sometime facing it also doesn’t help much?? What to do then?? Suffer…??? No one force me to be a doctor but that doesnt mean I should work for 30 hrs straight…When I am not feeling well,how am I supposed to make others well??? So I just went up to my senior told her that my back is killing me (which was truth) and I can’t put one more urine catheter as I will definitely vomit this time, she gave me “how will you become good doctor” look and started doing it own her own. I did it. I stood for myself without asking for any wrong help from my body…. As my favourite you tuber says your body is the only things that’ll stays with you, it’s your own temple, you only have protect itπŸ’ͺ…

The death

Being in medical filed, death is common thing to see in every day life. I remember once our senior told us that”you’ll always remember the first person died in front of your eyes, rest you’ll get used to” . It gave me goose bumps that how can someone get used to death but yes that’s what happend after few month of my internship.

So there is this weird case I have heard where a woman died when she was being treated for infertility. I was not sure how a treatment for such cause can kill some one? but when I saw it in front of my eyes it just shattered me. I don’t whether it was doctors mistake or her previous medical conditions but she died n left me wondering how can someone sacrifice a life while trying to produce a new life… Thats the irony I think mainly in india when mothers die giving birth to 5-6th child due to heavy blood loss or unavailability of facilities….Is it justified to give your life to produce a new one??    I don’t know…I really don’t know…