The same day -1

Since childhood I have seen many movies which shows frustration of 9 to 5 job. As a child I could never really understand that feeling until I graduated from med school and was doing my internship in rural town of Maharashtra(India). It was 2 hours away from my home town, Mumbai. I was asked to take 8am train in morning to reach their by 10am. But after few days of taking same train I started realising that passengers boarding on particular stations became familiar. Even I knew what they’ll be talking for next hour or so. For eg. 2 friends always used to talk about how they were searching groom for their daughters and how they were teaching then cooking. I even started recognising local train vendors. It was boring I was feeling living same day everyday. Worst of all after reaching health centre in that village ,almost same patients used to come every alternate day with either cough,cold or glass injury from alcohol bottles from near by river. I just wanted to run away from this , I used to spend almost 4 hours of my day in train everyday. I used to have dreams about indicator saying “next station kalyan”. But I had no way out than completing those 15 days. How do people do this for all their life……???