L’amour 2

“You really don’t know who is he”?? Her friend asked again. ” Is he prime ministers son that I should know him.” Mukta snapped back. “Have you heard the name of Sardesai?” ” The builders??” She tried . ” Yeah their youngest grandson. Sagar Sardesai.”. “What a valuable piece of information” she said sarcastically. But no one was in mood for her sarcasm as half the class was looking at him as he was walking. She removed her sketch book and started drawing designs of building she saw while coming to college. ‘ I don’t have time to waste on these things. focus Mukta focus.’ she ordered herself.

As everyone started clapping she realised that it was time to leave for lecture. She went to her class and sat on empty bench. Rest of the day passed boringly as most of people were busy talking about celebrity in college. She always hated these celebrity kids. They get what they want without doing anything just because of their parents. They don’t have to struggle like other people. Anyways it’s not my problem. She tried focussing but it got really bored as the day passed.

At the end of the day people were literally standing at the gate to see him drove away. This was height she thought of changing college but realised it was irrational of her to do so just because if someone else. “Never mind , just 2 years and then I’ll be in best architect college in India.”she had this weird habit of talking to herself as if it someone else. But she loved that thing about herself. She went home. Her day wasn’t as she thought of in the morning. Her first day of college was all about that stupid boy, she thought to herself….


Being judgemental

“You are pathetically judgmental” my friend shouted at me. I was about to say something but then shup up. Do I not know myself?? I have this weird habit of making opinion on people before even they say a word. Like if someones fat then she is ignorant about her Health. if someones thin then she is too self obsessed, beautiful people have attitude n so on….(ps- don’t judge me now bcuz it took great courage for me to share this). So when my friend told me this it made me think should I change myself…?? 

So from next day I decided to do simple thing, whenever I see someone n I remotely remember that person,I started smiling at them,if they smile back ,good , go n talk with them if they don’t smile back it’s ok atleast you tried, n you don’t no you might end up getting new friend… So all my judgemental fellas out there instead of thinking so much just talk a little….