Being vegetarian

Being vegetarian is very difficult not because you don’t get many options,(which you do get) but you have to constantly prove to non vegetarian’s why you chose to do so. I stopped eating meat since I was 10 yr old when I 1st saw chicken being killed in front of my eyes. For the first time I realised someone was being killed so that I can have my dinner. As a child I could never forget that and stopped eating meat after that. I have never been bored with veg food yet and I am sure I won’t eat non veg again but problem comes only when you go for dinner or lunch with people and while ordering people will realise that you are vegetarian and then starts a never ending questionnaire…               

 1. How do you not get bore by eating ghas phus( literally meaning grass)- no I dont because it’s not grass I eat but vegetables and there are ‘n’ no. of different dishes I have not yet tried so I don’t wanna kill someone till then. do you get enough nutrition? – I take multivitamin tablet.

3. But medicine is not good for health. They must be having their own side effects??- No vitamin toxicities are rare. 

4. Why do you don’t eat non veg but? – I don’t want to kill someone for me.

5. But eating vegetables is also like killing them?- No I don’t think it’s same, plants grow fruits and vegetables as product of reproduction mainly so when I eat fruits I keep seeds and whenever I go out I throw them in soil so that atleast one of them can grow n by that I try to return what I have taken from nature. You can’t do that with animals as you don’t have control over their reproductivity.

5. You should not think much, the animals which we eat are pretty much dumb as such and are reproducing in fair numbers so it’s not like they are going to extinct. –        But I don’t think anyone gave me right to kill someone for myself and yes many animals , birds have become extinct just because they were killed in larger numbers for eating.

6. What is point in coming to a restaurant then when you are not going to eat non veg? -There are pure veg hotels and there are working fine, so it’s not like I am the only one.

7. Are you firm believer in god?- What? No. I am aesthist. 

8. Egg is not meat-  Anything which is animal original is non veg.

And this fight can go on for hours. I never asked anyone to become vegetarian, it’s everyone’s personal choice, if that person doesn’t feel that he or she should become vegetarian no matter how much you force that person he is going to make fun of you. I don’t believe in God but I do believe in nature. Just because lion kills dear doesn’t give you right to kill other animals too. Last week I read about food fair of dog meat. I couldn’t believe my eyes for second. Is it even possible?? No way I don’t even wanna think of it. 

I just want to tell all non vegetarians it’s not that your body needs meat but your tongue, because I can tell you that I am fit and fine as I should be and there is no need to kill someone so that you can become healthy..πŸ•πŸ’ž


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