That’s why I don’t watch bollywood movies

Ok so from where should I start🤔…?           I don’t remember last bollywood movie I saw in theater for that matter , not even marathi or any other regional movies. When I think of it I can tell min 10 reasons. I know people say that budget is not as hollywood movie but it’s not about picture quality only there are so many other things.

1.Most of hindi heroes are in their are 40s while heroins in there 20s. I am not saying it’s impossible but it’s rare that every 20 year something girl going to fall in love with 40 year old man. I am 23 yr old and none of my friend is falling for 40 yr man you know why? Because that’s our parents age. It’s not eye pleasing to see this on big screen when you can see heroes wrinkles and still he is dancing with girl of his daughters age. 

2. Aga bai arrecha is one of my favorite marathi movie, because it’s concept is so different it just blew my mind when I saw it for the first time. We are not asking for movies like Avatar but diffrent story will be great. Love stories are just not that fun anymore.

3. I always used to think bollywood movies are unique in their songs but then came you tube n so many channels, giving “inspiration ” behind 85% of those songs. So when you can hear original song duplicate doesn’t please your ears as much as it used to.

4. last week I was watching movie in which nothing was happening till interval, only random celebrations, people changing clothes and background music. Hero had only 1 expression smile. He was smiling even when girl told him that she was leaving him. I was like , are you mentally retarted?? You know what, you are not because that was the block buster movie in 2016 n he had earned his money n I was the one who was mentally retarted watching that movie hoping something will happen… They just fool us into watching movie by taking famous heroes without thinking of writing story, because they know it’ll work as people will come to watch their favorite hero who cares about the story??

5. Romcom is actually excellent genre. 80% of  hollywood movies I have seen on ‘Romedy now’ ,I have laughed out loud. But if you watch even bollywood version of these movies😷…Try watching God tussi great ho after bruce almighty.

I can go on like this, but my point is when we are spending 300-500 on multiplex it should be worth it. You should not feel like drinking extra coffee after watching movie when you have actually gone for entertainment. There are some great actors like amitabh bacchan who acts according to his age or sometime not but still most of his movies are good. Having said that I also wanted to mention some of my favorite bollywood movies like jab we met or chak de india , 3 idiots, dangal, zindagi na milegi dobara. I know some of them still comes under categories I mentioned but they are full 3 hour entertainment and that’s what we asked 😇…


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