Everyone have bad habits , I also have, but sometime it takes time to realise that those are bad habits and we need to stop doing them.

 One such thing which took me years realise was my obsession with things I like. When I read twilight for the first time , I re-read and re- read all the books many times and saw the movies until my family members got irritated with me. I actually deleted that account when the lead pair broke up in real life. Same things applies for my favorite heroes and heroins ( which changes every 2-3 years) so every time I want to know all the information about them available on net ,you tube until I find someone new or they do something wrong to get off my list.

It’s scientifically proven that when you gather  extra information which is practically of no use to you, can I interfere with already stored information. So I have found solution to this problem in my way as they say ignorance is bliss I have stopped doing things which I think might end up being my obsession. That’s why I don’t hv fb account or I have not seen game of throne yet, as I know these things will definitely waste my time without being actually productive in my life. These things are not bad but they certainly not good for someone like me. 

Having bad habit is not problem, but knowing them n not doing anything to stop them is definitely one….


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