There is this huge sticker of Rapunzel on my bedroom wall I bought with my first salary. So when I showed it to my friends everyone laughed at me and they could not find reason for 22 year old wasting 2500 bucks on something which doesnt suit her age. I felt bad that I can’t convey the feeling to them that how much I love her in front of my eyes , making me smile every time I look at her. When I was child I heard about this disney princess with longest hair in the world and more than Cinderella or sleeping beauty I fell in love with her. There was no way to get that sticker 10-15 years back in india as it was not available locally nor was “amazon” existing. So when I got my first salary I immediately booked the sticker and waited for it almost 2 weeks. When she finally arrived I sticked her carefully on my bedroom wall and felt like child again.

It doesn’t matter whether your dreams suit your age, status or anyting else but what matters is that they are yours. No one else is going to come to fulfill them for you. You have to work for them if you think they are gonna make you happy, and as they say        “if you will think about what people will think about you, then what people will do??”  

So get out there, fulfil your dreams as much as you can, as smaller as they seem, as foolish as they look or as unbelievable as they are……


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