I have seen many horror movies without getting scared but there is this south indian movie, I don’t know the actual name but in hindi it’s called”aparichit”. It was one of the very few movies I can’t watch till the end.. It was so scary and by the way it was not a horror movie. So basically this movie is about split personally disorder where hero shows 3 different kind of characters depending on situation as he was not able to express his feelings being himself. That made me wonder why this happens??? There could be many reasons like person may not have enough guts to express or thinking too much about others giving little or no significance to your own self and end up doing adjustment… The actual definition of adjustment is ”becoming suitable for the environment” but when I hear this word my own definition pops up ” doing something against your will so that someone else can be happy” may be that’s too harsh but that’s what I have leaned form experience of my own or others. I have nver seen anyone being happy in their life by doing uch some one tells that they are with their adjustment there is that 0.001 % regret for doing something against their will.. 

I have read many self help books and many of them have one thing in common ”the power of saying NO”. So whenever some one asks you to do the adjustment and if you think that’s not what you want, be confident and say NO. There must be that fear of what will happen if you say no but I am sure it won’t be greater than the regret of doing something when you are not happy ….


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