The balance

“That’s it I can’t take it any more. I am not going to talk with her” that’s the dialogue I have said many times for many people. Whenever someone behaves badly with me or treat me in wrong way that’s my first impatient response toward them. My mom always tells me to do this one thing whenever I get angry with anyone. She says make note of all positive and negative things that person has done to you and if positive things are more, you have got to give that person one more chance”  as child it was very difficult for me to understand this. If he or she behaves badly with me, I have to stop talking with him or her without thinking of the past ,that’s used to be my stance. But as I grew up I realised few things like many times it’s not people that are bad but the situation make them or sometimes you need their help or they need yours like symbiotic relationship, so without thinking of the one small thing you can try to forgive that person if that’s possible or if you can’t we have our childhood weapon of not talking to that person till we want…Isn’t it?? So till then have balanced life 💕


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