When life gives you a lemon💃

As a child I always used to think dancing as form of body movement to please others. Even though my mom loves it I could not give respect  to dancing as profession. So when I was in 7th grade a new sir came to school. I found him lame for cracking the most unfunny jokes. That 1 hr was like torture to me n to top it all he complained to my mom on parents meeting that your daughter doesn’t laugh at my jokes (believe me I am not making this) so I decided to avoid his period by attending morning “Lezim”sessions( form of dance in maharashtra, India). I had no clue about dancing so I used to waste time talking with my friend and wondering around. So our dance teacher threatened me that he will send me to class if I don’t learn the art. I reluctantly started dancing and to my surprise I was enjoying it. We participated in many competitions and won 2 metals also. I realised that dancing is not only fun but it’s way of meditation,  being present in the moment, living every second with each move…. After school I could not pursue dancing, but now I know how lucky are people who choose dancing as part of their career or life, living each and every moment to the fullest……👯


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