Walking past

She was coming from a busy day, clients liked her presentation, they got the deal everything got smoothly but she was not happy. Her boss insulted her in the morning for silly thing, her day was fine after that but how can someone insult her like that?? She was the most sincere person in the office. It doesn’t matter day went good or bad after that???…

As she was walking see saw a 5 year old fighting with her friend on some toy but within minutes they forgot and started playing again.. kids .. she thought in her mind… Some kids were playing with butterfly trying to catch it , when it was flying from one flower to another,one kid successed in catching the butterfly ,they all held it gently one by one by holding it’s wings and then set it free… It just flew away without having grudge on the children….  

That’s what nature does, that’s what we do when we were child, forgive as the moment passed. What happenes when we grow up, why do we start remembering small small things, think about it so much and waste a beautiful day… She came home. Hot water was ready and breakfast was waiting for her on the table, she just smiled at her mother, n forgot all her worries, anxiety as the water start pouring on her……


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