Where there is a will, there is a way, part 2

As the plane was landing I realised my ear was paining so much so that I thought hot fumes were coming out of it. my face must have gone really bad that air hostesse came to ask if everything was right. I told her it’s ok but being medical student I knew I was suffering from air sickness.. I felt like crying not by the pain but by the fact that “I” was suffering from something travel unfriendly disease..yes for me it was not less than disease. After that I met my ENT doctor he prescribed me different nasal drops but nothing worked,every time plane was landing, I was crying. Everyone in my family started teasing me.This was major shock for me , I wanted to travel around the world n how was I suppose to do it if I was suffering from this… N then it occurred to me,simplest thing of all pain killer tablet…. So next time my flight was from kerala to mumbai ,2hr journey.. so after an hour when there was turbulence my ear started showing me it’s presence ,I took half pill fo paracetamol, the mildest pain killer available, n voila, I could not feel anything.. why have not I thought this before….?😌.. now if someone teases me about this I tell them I will do anything for travelling , literally anything and I mean it, let it be taking pain killer tablet or even pain killer injection when flight is longer than 5 hr but nothing can stop me from travelling… Where there is will there is a way…


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