Being alone

Being mumbaikar I have to travel by local train everyday. Our trains are heavily crowded mainly during 9-10am in morning and 5-7 pm in evening. I always get frustrated by seeing that crowd n many times I have to stand on footboard till my station comes. After my internship started I had to do lot of night shifts during when I used to leave home at around 9pm there were hardly 5-10 people in train and I was very happy when I got to choose the seat. But once I had to do night shifts 7 days in row and I really started feeling low by seeing almost no one in train specially in ladies compartment, not even police… N for the first time I wished the train was crowded so that I wont feel alone strange is the human mind, always runs behind the opposite of what we get…so next time when I boarded the crowded train instead of making a bad face I smiled that there were people around me, they may not be talking with me but I was feeling more lively by their presence..sometimes living in the present moment is the only option life gives us instead we think about the future and when future actually hits us we feel that we should have lived past better…


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