The cartoons


My cousin loves watching oggi and cockroache cartoon n I really don’t get what she likes in that. I know cartoons are never meant to be productive but being 90s kid I think I had seen some great cartoons while growing up.                                            Everyday when I used to come home from school my mom used to keep tv on for my favourite cartoon “the Jetsons”. I never loved anything as much as I loved that show. Everything was so extra ordinary there like people driving there own mini planes and then folding it in suitcases or machine bathing them. There are so many videos on you tube showing so many stuffs from that show which are reality today..      (           also there was this show pinky and the brain where 2 mice in laboratory used to do different scientific experiments and end up doing something really funny and how can I forget Popeye who taught me eating spinach. Powerpuff girls were there so was Pokemon’s. And yes dragon tales where 2 kids found a way to enter in dragon land. Noddy and Oswald are worth a mention. All these cartoons made my childhood really memorable. Don’t judge me for watching cartoons all the time we used to play alot also but yes I can’t deny that these were my special friends too.                                                                  I don’t hate today’s  cartoons but I don’t find them interesting either. So I showed my cousin just title track of Jetsons and she literally jumped off her bed …was I expecting anything better than that?? 😎


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