Lip balm review

I have extremely dry lips and oily skin.. weird combination right..? But that’s what it is..I always love to try natural products so today I am going to share honest review of himalaya and VLCC lip balm. Both products are famous for their natural content and free from paraben. Actually I am not really sure of what is the exact benefit of being paraben free products but let’s just go ahead.. so this what himalaya lip balm looks like

It has extremely creamy texture and makes my lip really smooth. Its colourless so just give shimmer to lips and can be wore everyday but can’t be use for special occasions. Actually I used it mainly before applying lipstick so it makes lips smooth and shiny prevents chapped lips. But biggest disadvantage I found was it make my skin around lips oily. May be I have really oily skin but yes it definitely adds oily look..

Now VLCC lip balm which I have taken in peach shade.

This is how it looks … The best thing about it is it smells like heaven unlike himalaya which is odourless. I feel like eating this one😋. It gives light pink colour to the lips and can be wore on special occasions for simple look. But it doesn’t moistureise the lips and have to reapply every 2-3hrs.

The 1st image is with himalaya lip balm and 2nd one is with VLCC. I absolutely love both of them irrespective of minor drawbacks as these are best natural lip balms you can get in india at reasonable price …


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