Being childish

When I was child I was always used to do what I think is right irrespective of what mom said like swinging for hours even though it made me dizzy for long time, eating chocolate ice creams almost everyday, stop talking with people I did not like, watching cartoons, enjoying being with grand parents and list goes on…..                                                                            As I have grown up I have stopped even sitting on swing because it makes me feel nauseating. I dont eat ice cream by the fear of tooth caries. I watch useless tv or web series because all my friends talk about it and I don’t wanna feel dumb by telling them I still love Pokémon, power rangers and even shin chan. I talk with people I don’t like or sometimes even hate just because not talking with them looks childish (that’s what mom says) and I should work to solve issues with them. I don’t hate my grand parents but I get bore when they start complaining about my aunt’s or their friends daughter in laws …                                  Have I really grown up or forgot myself???                                                                      Since last 1 month I have started eating ice cream atleast thrice a week just because I love it, I’ll work extra for those calories..I started swinging again let it make me nauseating or acidic,I’ll treat it once I get down…I started watching Pokemon and getting excited every time some Pokémon transforms into next form,laughung madly at shin chan and hoping power rangers will reach in time to solve world problems.. I have stopped talking with people I really really don’t like without even telling them(let them guess) because sometimes I don’t have energy or time to explain. I have started ignoring when my grand ma talk about my aunt and started enjoying when we go for long walk and she tells me about my mother and uncles childhood stories…                                            ” When I was young people ask me what I wanted to be when when I  grow up , now I have the answer , I wanna be child again”…let’s embrace what we are without being afraid of what others will thinks because every one has their own life to live, let us live our in the way we want……


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