The beauty lies in the eyes of beholder 

Yesterday I was complaining to my mom about my how my seniors torture me and many times ask us to do their personal work,being junior we can’t say no and end up being their servants.. I felt very bad every time some one asks me to do something other than I was assigned for..I was literally crying to my mom asking why can’t I meet good people in my life??? Or are they still there??                                Today when I was going to college in the morning I saw my surgery senior walking besides me. At one point he stopped and looked back n I did the same to see where he was looking. There was this guy carrying 2  huge suit cases unable to walk so my senior went up to him offered to carry one of them . Out of courtesy that boy denied the offer but he just took one suit case and started walking..I felt so moved. After all he was senior surgeon in one the most renowned hospital in mumbai. He could have just ignored and no one would have cared but he chose to help him.. do I really think good people are not there???                 In afternoon I went in bank to change branch.. they gave me forms which required the code of transferring branch which I forgot to find. As I was thinking about the ways to know that code either by using net or by calling my mom , a security guy came to me asking what I want,when I told him my problem he said you fill the form and I’ll look for code, he called someone and by the time I was done with my form he gave me that code .. I was really surprised  by his act, I did not ask for help but he helped me volunteerily and was I really crying where were all the good people???                         There are many people I have seen who are different like a blind guy I met in camp  who was regular blood donor or patients or their relative who ask after 30-35 hrs of duty that ma’am have u eaten ??? When will u sleep??  And why do I have to meet them can I not just be one….????☺️


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