Just do it

Yesterday when I was having my breakfast in the morning my mom got shocked by looking at my hand …I know I am having tremors but I never thought it’s so noticeable… Being doctor I know one the major cause of tremors is anxiety or panic and from the first day of my internship I am suffering from anxiety.. when u work alone you know you have to do things and you don’t expect someone to help you but when you work in group you start expecting others to work and when they start using excuses or start using you, you feel betrayed and don’t feel like working. Sometimes we also try to find a way to excuse work as others are doing it .. n here starts the anxiety..what if someone notices that m not working? Then why don’t someone notices when others are not working? Why do I always end up being the sincere one ? All the unanswerable questions.. over the year I have found way to tackle this..so according to what our favourite brand says we should just do it.. do it not because someone will see,not because you are afraid to make excuses, do it because it’s right,it feels right…let others follow their own path and you make your own..don’t wait for others just do your work whether someone sees or not but it counts…


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