Going with the flow

It’s easy to go with the flow but going against it require courage..sometimes a lot of it…being 23 year old indian girl when every body around you is either getting married or trying to get married it gets very difficult to focus on your career..today I was sitting in college thinking about my future options when post graduate entrance rank were declared and I couldn’t score good in it I was feeling low when one of my married batch mate came n started showing me her wedding pics.. I coudnot show more interest than I was pretending and she took it wrong sign and consoled  me saying I will also get married soon n “easily”…. I could not stop laughing at that point when I was not even close to something like that when my career was still floating around.. that just made day realising that unlike those girls my aim is not getting married and having children the moment I enter in my twenties.. sometimes strange things motivate you,teach you that you are different and special , so don’t always go with flow . Don’t do things because everybody around you is doing it , do it when you really want to then let it be career or marriage..


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